Independence Day: Fun, Family, and Fuel
Independence Day: Fun, Family, and Fuel

Independence Day: Fun, Family, and Fuel

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Fun and Family

The Fourth of July often conjures thoughts of barbeques, parades, and pool parties. If you are like many, it is also associated with long drives and high costs of travel.


Last year, Sheetz offered gas with a patriotic touch at $1.776 per gallon; a deal that sold out very quickly. While there’s no guarantee for a deal as good this year, much can still be said about the cost of travel this week.

The past few years have seen turbulent gas prices, moving from about $2.60 in January 2020, to $5.00 in June 2022, and now hovering around $3.69.

While better than two years ago, consumers still look for ways to save a few cents at the pump. Reward cards and apps can help, offering either a couple of cents off per gallon or giving rewards when you fill up. Sheetz offers many deals when utilizing their rewards card, and Gas Buddy is also a great app for checking out gas prices near you.

Gas prices are expected to drop in time for the holiday, although the decrease is not substantial – only about 2 cents lower than last week’s average – at $3.69 per gallon.

If prices do seem too high for travel this year, don’t fret! Simply consider staying local and seeking out an opportunity near you to celebrate the July 4th holiday.

As we prepare for the upcoming festivities, let’s keep an eye on both the thermometer and the fuel gauge. These events offer the opportunity for family fun and celebration without breaking the bank.

Whether you’re hitting the road or staying local, there are ways to make this Fourth of July both enjoyable and affordable. Here’s to a safe and celebratory 4th for everyone!

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